Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Family Pictures

We finally went and got our family pictures done!! A HUGE thanks to my cousin Kylie who did a great job with our pictures!! There are tons of great ones so here is just a little sneak peek! To see the rest you'll have to come visit me :)


We had a good Halloween this year. Taylee was a devil and Colby was the "Halloween Horror" We got a kick out of Colby because he would tell everyone he was going to be the "Halloween Horror" however he was not to great at emphasizing Horr-or, so it would always sound like the "Halloween Whore" haha. And Taylee was a true devil since she would not take a nap ALL DAY long so needless to say, by 6 o' clock she was a bit grouchy. So we went with Colby to trunk or treat a little and then he went off with his friend Makayla and we took Taylee home. Hopefully next year will be a little more fun for her. But all in all it was a good weekend.

9 months

Yes, this post is a little late... I like to play the try and catch up game on my blog haha. Well 9 months has came and went and Taylee is now almost 10 months. She has 4 teeth and is now working on #5. She is such a happy girl most of the time and she has finally decided that other people besides her mom are okay. She loves to eat EVERYTHING, you put it in front of her, she will eat it. She is also very, very mobile... she is unstoppable haha. Love my baby girl