Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So the other night we were all eating Drumsticks and Taylee couldn't stop looking at them and trying to grab them, so I let her have a little taste.... Bad idea, we have an addict on our hands now lol...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New House

Also for all of those who didn't know we just purchased our first house!! It is on the outskirts of Hurricane (between Hurricane and Washington). Colby loved the neighborhood when we came to look at the house because there were tons of boys running around. So we decided to go for it!! We have had to do a little work to make it start looking like a home and have a few projects for the future, but we love it!!

7 MoNtHs

My baby is also 7 months old today!! It has FlOwN by!!!!
Some things about Taylee at 7 months:
*She LOVES her big brother and laughs at everything he does.
*She is getting her first tooth
*She loves to go outside in the evenings
*She loves watching the dogs and grabbing Molly's nose lol
*She sleeps through the whole night in her own bed (in our room) but in her own bed lol
*She has the sweetest smile and the most beautiful blue eyes (she's got her dad wrapped around her finger)

First Day of School

Back to school!! Colby is starting 2nd grade at Coral Canyon Elementary. His teacher is Mr. Lowe. He is so excited to go back (although he says the summer was shorter than last summer). I am excited for him to go back too but I am going to miss my helper!! He is so much help with his baby sister!! But I will also enjoy getting to sleep the days after I work without having to entertain 2 kids!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Giving in...

I guess I'm going to follow the crowd and start a blog of my own instead of just blog stalking!! Hahaha I hope our family is exciting enough!!