Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New House

Also for all of those who didn't know we just purchased our first house!! It is on the outskirts of Hurricane (between Hurricane and Washington). Colby loved the neighborhood when we came to look at the house because there were tons of boys running around. So we decided to go for it!! We have had to do a little work to make it start looking like a home and have a few projects for the future, but we love it!!


  1. Nice house Geneya! Glad you have joined the blogging world. I have put you on my favorites, so I will keep track. Nice is larger than I thought. How many bedrooms?

  2. The house looks great and that it belongs to a happy family. The children are obviously special little people. I'm betting they will be great buds their whole lives.

  3. Hey! Hey! Nice house. I thought you guys were going to by your Mom's house. Nothing like having your own.