Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big 8 Year Old!!

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my 8 year old!! Can't believe I have one that old already!! We had a great family birthday party last night with Am & Papa, Geoff & Danelle, Grandma & Grandpa Jensen, Tonya, and our little family. We cooked up some burgers and had some yummy cake. Afterward Colby opened his presents and it was DEFINETLY a Nerf Birthday this year!! He got all sorts of Nerf guns and games. Then today we took him to Texas Roadhouse just to finish off the weekend of celebration!! It was a great birthday and we are so lucky to have such a sweet kid, even if he does give his mom and dad stress some days. Love you Magoo!! So happy you are 8!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

One Year Old!!

Happy First Birthday to my baby girl!! Taylee turned 1 on 1/11/11 (pretty cool huh!). On the Tuesday of her birthday, we kept it pretty low key since Josh worked, Colby was in school etc. but we did take her out for frozen yogurt (her favorite treat) that night. On Saturday we had her Birthday party!! We had a great little party crowd and had so much fun!! My mom and dad, Tina and Richard, Colette and Kevin and Keaton all came to the party. She had lots of fun opening presents and got a ton of new toys (as if she didn't have enough after Christmas :) ). We also had pizza and cake. It was a great one year old birthday party!!

The clean up...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve - I have such cute kids :)

Well we survived the holidays and had a great time (Although I am glad to have my house back to normal again!) My mom and dad came down from Boulder for about a week and a half to spend the holiday with us. We had a great time with them and were of course spoiled with yummy caramel corn, cookies, and dinners out. They spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here with my family watchin my cute kiddos open up presents. We must have been pretty good this year, because Santa definitely spoiled all of us!! Colby got an Xbox 360, games, and a new BB gun. Taylee got tons of toys that play music (she is such a little music kid). Josh and I got a new TV for our living room. We then got to spend a little time with Josh's family on Christmas day before Josh's mom had to go to work. Geoff and Danelle stayed up north with Danelle's family for Christmas but were able to brave the snow storm and made it down to spend New Years with us. We had a great little late Christmas celebration with them, complete with my dad's Chinese and homemade! And my parents surprised us with a great gift!! They paid our plane tickets, hotel, and rental car for our family Orlando trip in June!! Josh and I's schedule worked out great so that we both had quite a bit of time off together through the holiday so that was nice to be able to spend so much time with him. Plus a few little white Christmas days... all in all it was a perfect holiday!!