Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big 8 Year Old!!

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my 8 year old!! Can't believe I have one that old already!! We had a great family birthday party last night with Am & Papa, Geoff & Danelle, Grandma & Grandpa Jensen, Tonya, and our little family. We cooked up some burgers and had some yummy cake. Afterward Colby opened his presents and it was DEFINETLY a Nerf Birthday this year!! He got all sorts of Nerf guns and games. Then today we took him to Texas Roadhouse just to finish off the weekend of celebration!! It was a great birthday and we are so lucky to have such a sweet kid, even if he does give his mom and dad stress some days. Love you Magoo!! So happy you are 8!!


  1. Happy Birthday Colby!!! It sounds like either we need to make a trip down there or you guys need to come up to Cedar to celebrate!!

  2. It was a fun birthday. In fact we enjoyed the whole weekend, having him come and stay with us Friday night and then our wild trip to Mesquite as well as visit to the Alzheimer unit, the birthday party and then basketball and steak on Sunday. It was great. Colby, I'm so glad you were born.