Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ekker Ranch

A couple weekends ago we went up to Josh's grandpa's ranch out by Delta. We went with Josh's mom & dad, his brother, and nephew Jayden. We camped out there for 3 days, had some great dutchoven dinner and some great 4-wheeler rides. This was Taylee's first real campin trip... It was fun but she was a little stressful at times hahaha.

Colby & Jayden


  1. Cute pictures. Nothing like a little dirt in the wilderness to bring a family together.

  2. I love your festive blog. Maybe if mine was cute, I'd get back to it.

  3. Nothing like seeing kids having fun in the country and snuggling up in tents. I used to think there was nothing more magical than camping out in a tent.