Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Well Easter weekend ended up not being quite what we planned but a great weekend all the same! We had planned to go up to Josh's Grandpa's ranch in Delta for the weekend with his family. The weatherman was saying chance of rain but we decided to pack up and go anyway. We woke up early Saturday morning to get out there and after we got clear to Delta (which was socked in rain clouds and freezing cold) we didn't know what we should do. We then got a call from his mom and they had had tire problems on the 4wheeler trailer. We decided then between the rain, the cold, and their tire problems a camping trip was just not in the cards for us, so we turned around and came home. By the time we got back home Saturday we were pretty well exhausted from a long day of driving. Josh's mom and dad and his nephew Jayden came down and we colored eggs here at the house and made dutchoven dinner and cobbler. The next day the Easter bunny still managed to find us and we had a small egg hunt here at the house and then headed to Josh's moms house for another egg hunt and Easter dinner. And then Colby got to spend the night up there. So although camping didn't work out we still had a great time!


  1. oooh
    I see she has a
    Reese's peanut butter egg

    I had one, too
    my favorite
    especially, straight out of
    the refrigerator

  2. Sorry about your failed camping trip. Looks like you still had a fun time. In my opinion, where there's candy, there's fun! Happy Birthday to you, by the way. Sorry it's a belated wish. But, I finally added you to my blog! Sorry it took so long, I do care!

  3. Just wish you would have been here to help me open my Easter eggs. I miss my cute kids.